Graphene Armor

Graphene A Promising Material For Body Armor

Graphene armor especially the ones that are bulletproof, can prove to be useful in more ways than one. With its varied applications, theres no wonder why new technologies are being introduced from time to time to make it better and to provide better protection to the user. It is used mostly by law enforcement and law personnel in order to protect themselves. Because of its important function, It is also critical for such to be made from excellent materials.

With such, The popularity of Graphene armors does not come as a surprise at all. It uses a revolutionary material that is believed by many to be unrivaled when it comes to its strength.

Graphene ArmorGraphene Armor

The World’s Strongest Material

When the concept of Graphene armors was first introduced, It has been welcomed by many. After all, It is considered to be the strongest material in the world. In the past, A lot of studies have been conducted for the purpose of investigating its tensile strength.

Nonetheless, To this date, there remains to be limited research when it comes to studying its ability to handle sudden impacts. Because it is asserted to be 10 times better than steel, Its strength is perhaps its greatest asset.

From its applications in computers and electronics, It is now also considered as a promising choice for body armors.Using Graphene for Body Armor

One study that delved on the potential of Graphene armors was completed by Jae-Hwang Lee from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The study focused on the absorption of kinetic energy of Graphene.

They built an armor using thick layers of Graphene and fired bullet shots at a speed of 3 kilometers per second, Which is similar to a bullet that can be fired from an M-16 rifle. Because of this ground-breaking research, More intensive studies are on its way to investigate the benefits of Graphene armor, As well as the use of Graphene in spacecraft.

Graphene VestGraphene Vest

Kevlar Is Currently The Popular Choice For Bulletproof Vests

This will change once the technology for Graphene armors has been brought into perfection. It is believed to be twice as effective as Kevlar when it comes to absorbing impact, Which is a proof to its unmatched strength.

In spite of the promises of Graphene armors, Further studies and material developments are still needed in order to create the perfect bulletproof vest with the use of such material. During the test conducted, The material proved to be too brittle .

In the next studies, The armors to be built with the use of Graphene will incorporate more layers or a composite structure to prevent this problem. Needless to say, It is still obvious that Graphene will soon make its way as a material of choice for body armors.



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