Graphene Solar Panels

Graphene Solar Panels For The Future

For several years already, Solar power has been referred to as one of the primary targets in the movement towards the use of alternative energy. However, the use of silicon cells in the construction of solar panels tends to be fragile, Unwieldy, and expensive to produce. Since high production cost also affects the health of our planet, The search for alternative options continues.
This is why the use of Graphene in solar panels has been seriously considered these days. The Possibility Discovered In 2012, The melding of graphene layers on a small silicon piece has set a graphene solar cell potential record, Surpassing any attempts prior to that in harnessing Graphene of up to 400%.

This result was made possible due to a process that is called doping. Since that point, The standard has always been almost doubled, Reaching up to 15% efficiency. This simply means that 15% of the collected sunlight can now be used as energy. The trick there is just to get rid of the use of silicon.

Graphene, In Its Natural Form, Is Just Less Than A Nanometer

Soon, It may be very possible to mass produce this substance and distribute widely. A Graphene solar cell may be created at a rather lower temperature compared to the traditional solar panels. This reduction in the temperature also makes it possible to bind Graphene into plastics that are flexible compared to the use of stiff and fragile silicon.

Graphene Solar PanelsGraphene Solar Panels

What Further Studies Revealed

Studies are ongoing regarding the advantages as well as the Graphene use in solar cells. As more Graphene solar cell ppt explanations have been released, It has been discovered further that this substance is a great conductor, But may not be really good at collecting electrical currents that are produced in the solar cell. As a result, Modification was attempted in order to reach this purpose.

Graphene Solar CellsGraphene Solar Cells

In June Of 2013

Studies at MIT have reported the purpose of developing a new solar cell with the use of a combination of molybdenum disulfide and Graphene. This results to a thin, Efficient, And light substance which is about a thousand times more compared to silicon based panels. The purpose here is to meet the highest possible power for conversion.

Throughout the year 2014, Further studies were conducted, Adding to the weight of information on the subject. Who knows, In just a little more time from now, It would be possible for us to readily buy Graphene solar panels for our average use. Better even, If we can learn how to make Graphene solar cells and work towards a greener future.



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