How To Make Graphene at Home

What Is Graphene and Who Makes Graphene?

Scientists consider Graphene as the thinnest compound, lightest material, Strongest compound and the best conductor of heat at room temperature ever known. Unbeknownst to many, Graphene is not an unusual material.

It is a honeycomb sheet made of pure carbon or better yet, A simple arrangement of carbon atoms forming a single layer that is one atom thick. Sure, It is relatively tiny. In fact, It is not much larger than an area of a dot in an exclamation mark on this post! So, Who Makes Graphene Material?

Anyone can make Graphene at home. It’s no rocket science. For the record, Graphene material is so vital it earned the discoverers, Kostya Novoselov and Andre Geim, The 2010 Nobel Prize. It comes across as interesting to know that the two used regular sticky tape to produce Graphene in small amounts. So if they made Graphene material, You surely can as well but only in smaller quantities. Scientists are yet to discover ways on how to make Graphene in larger quantities

How To Make Graphene At Home - Sticky-Tape Method

This is perhaps the most common method of making Graphene. You require a lead pencil and ordinary sticky tape That’s all. Pencils deposit crystals of graphite on a piece of paper when you draw.

So take a pencil and stick the tape on the graphite and pull away. Crystals of graphite will get stuck on the tape. Use more tape to pull away bits of graphite held on the first piece of tape. Repeat the process to end up with single layers of Graphene.

How to Make Graphene at Home - Sticky-Tape MethodHow to Make Graphene at Home - Sticky-Tape Method

The Simple Kitchen Blender Method

How to Make Graphene at Home Like the sticky-tape method, This method is also straightforward. You need a kitchen blender , Water, dish detergent and graphite pencils. Firstly, Powder a few graphite pencils (use a mortar and pestle for that) then add the powder to the detergent solution prior to blending the mixture for a while.

Graphene particles, If heavy, Will sink to the bottom. If they are significantly smaller, They’ll float to the top. Filter the suspension and leave it to dry, And voila!

How to Make Graphene at Home - Blender MethodHow to Make Graphene at Home - Blender Method

DVD Burner (Light Scribe Technology) Method

How to Make Graphene at Home, Don’t get frightened, All you are required to have is a DVD disc with Light Scribe technology, Water and some graphite oxide for the process to work. Get graphite oxide from a manufacturer.

Firstly, Mix water with the water-soluble graphite oxide then pour the solution on the DVD disc film side down. Next, Use Light Scribe software to burn in the layer of oxide. The laser beam will then turn the layer into Graphene.

How to Make Graphene at Home - Dvd Burner MethodHow to Make Graphene at Home - DVD Burner Method

The “Who Makes Graphene”

Question is well answered by the afore-mentioned methods for making Graphene at home – which anyone can easily carry out. However, These methods won’t produce the purest forms of Graphene unless you’ll be carrying them out in a specialized lab with the help of an expert. Otherwise, Don’t expect something to brag to your friends about.