Graphene Energy

It may be possible to use spinning pieces of Graphene at a micro scale to collect background Graphene Energy, noise, and vibrational energy. There is static electricity from wind, and there is energy from noise. It may be entirely possible to collect all this excess Graphene Energy and reuse it.

Consider if you will the simple technology behind electrical magnetic induction. Now then, using spinning pieces of Graphene perhaps trapped within miniature carbon structures (nano scale), or within micro-manufacture acoustic transducers, it could be possible.

Graphene Energy - Green energy
Graphene Energy - Green energy

Think Of A Micro Scale Wind Turbine Generator Creating Energy

but in this case it would be vibrational Graphene Energy and not wind which spins these micro-generators. And if we put millions of them within a structure about 1/10 of the width of a very thin sheet of plywood, and made these the walls to our homes, businesses, schools, and government agencies – we might be able to collect enough energy to run LED circuits, LED lighting, and perhaps even other things such as computers, air-conditioning units, refrigerators, and other large electrical appliances.

If We Made This The Skin Or Structure Of The Exterior

of a spaceship or space probe, or even a colony on another planet or moon, we might be able to collect all the energy we needed to power up such facilities. This is not necessarily a science fiction thought, as I am known for those, but rather a real potential eventuality for our future and there is enough sound science behind it to bring these ideas and concepts to fruition. Just imagine micro-scale fans of Graphene harvesting energy, noise, or vibrational flows, everywhere on Earth and in space. We would have unlimited energy, using the energy that’s present everywhere in the universe. Why not? Please consider all this.



Other Graphene Applications

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