Graphene And Water Purification

Graphene Water Purification Strategy Proposed

Carbon nano tubes and graphene structures lend themselves well to environmental technologies. Having formerly been in the carwash industry, I realize that carbon attaches itself to just about anything, and therefore other things stick to it is well.
Carbon nano tubes and graphing structures also have electrical properties which make them even more intriguing for environmental eco-innovations for pollutant remediation. Okay so let’s talk about this shall we?

In Kurzweil’s Accelerating Intelligence there was an interesting article titled; “Fast, cheap water desalination using graphene – Graphene sheets with precise one-nanometer pores have potential to purify seawater more efficiently than existing methods,” posted on July 2, 2012. In this scheme the graphene would have openings allowing the water to get through, but not the salt, and since graphene is very strong it can withstand the pressure used in today’s desalination technologies.

Graphene Water Purification
Graphene Water Purification

Still, I’d like to propose yet another concept using these same principles, albeit with a different engineering design, yet still utilizing the properties and strength of the graphene, so let’s discuss this concept of mine for a moment shall we?

Graphene Water Purification

Perhaps we could use these graphene sheets on solar heated hot plates with very small volumes of water flowing over them with cross-fire RO or De-I droplets sprayed as the water flows slighting downhill over the graphene to create Graphene Water Purification. Then flip the plates over electrifying them with negative ions, collect the left over for mining of minerals and flip back over, both sides of plate would be working, so many of these in series could handle an endless and constant amount of water for the desalination process. In the case of this innovation at MIT; why not have gates of perhaps one inch high and the water would bounce along with proper aeration during the process.

You see, we have no choice but to use the latest desalination technologies to produce fresh water from salt water. There is no shortage of water on this planet, but most of it is salt water 97%, and therefore, unusable for drinking, food processing, bathing, or crop use. The problem with desalination technology today is the cost and the high energy usage.

Graphene Drinking StrawGraphene Drinking Straw

If we can use new space age materials to bring down those costs simplifying the process, and do this more efficiently we will have solved one of mankind’s biggest challenges, the availability of water. If we can solve this problem, it is a game changer and it lessens so many other problems in so many other categories. It truly would be a super eco-innovation on the sustainability front. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.



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