Graphene Weapons

Graphene Weapons And Future Graphene Weapons

Have you ever heard about Graphene? How about graphene weapons? Well, this is one of the strongest materials found on earth. Graphene is several times stronger than steel and over 15 times expensive than Gold. Graphene is several times tougher than diamond and stretches more than rubber.

Graphene is the thinnest material to be manufactured and is as light as air. This material is believed to revolutionise the world as graphene weapons will be better than weapons made from any other material.

Graphene weaponsGraphene weapons

Take For Instance A Graphene Knife

This will be more effective than the ordinary knife. A graphene knife will be very light and, therefore, easy to handle. This kind of a weapon will be easily carried in a pocket, ear lobe and even can be held between the fingers without feeling any weight. For those who love using swords, graphene sword will change the fighting experience for good.

Graphene sword will be very light and easy to handle when compared to other ordinary swords. Graphene knife and Graphene sword will almost be invisible, and this means that they will not be easily noticed by the enemy.

When it comes to effectiveness, graphene weapons will be the most effective on earth For instance, graphene sword is not easily broken and does not become blunt. This means that a graphene sword could be used to cut an ordinary sword as it cannot be easily damaged by heat or electricity current. Generally, graphene weapons will be several times effective when compared to the current version of weapons.

Graphene CatanaGraphene Catana

Graphene Weapons are Expected to Change the World

No one is sure whether the dream will become a reality. Firstly, graphene is a very expensive material and buying a simple graphene knife could be as expensive as buying an automatic gun.

On the other hand, production of graphene requires high technology that is not available in many parts of the world as at now. In order to manufacture affordable graphene swords, scientists need to come up with a less expensive way of producing graphene. However as at now, production of graphene for industrial use is at the first stage and scientists are not sure whether an economical way of producing graphene weapons will be discovered any time soon.

However, Many Countries May Find It

absurd to manufacture a graphene knife or a graphene sword after spending a lot of money in the production of graphene.

Nevertheless, graphene could be used for production of high-tech graphene weapons such as war ships and aircrafts. Recent scientific reports have shown that superpower countries worldwide have shown interest to produce G weapons as was of maintaining their military supremacy.

Generally, it is clear from the progress made by scientists from different parts of the world that graphene weapons have a bright future but the first stage is to discover how to produce graphene for commercial use.



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