Graphene Paint

Research Results for Graphene Paint and Other Possibilities

Many people see graphene in the light of its use in items like batteries, tennis rackets, and touchscreens amongst others. It has been hailed as a miracle material and perhaps the strongest known to man with its discovered possibilities in the production of graphene Paint.

For decades, the challenge has been how to extract graphene in a form to make it ready for use in other medium. It was thought of as unstable in flat sheets and nonviable.

The research team at the University of Manchester has been able to provide insight into their research findings. One of the spin-offs from their effort was finding a way to isolate graphene, and this was a first in many respects. They were able to use common sticky sheets to isolate graphene from bulk graphite thereby producing a breakthrough. Before their research finding, there was no proven way to show that graphene could be isolated in any way.

Graphene PaintGraphene Paint

Graphene Characteristics And Applications

Graphene is formed in flat sheets, could be creatively used with oxygen to create graphene oxide. This has produced a breakthrough for the manufacturing of graphene paint, and this study has shown the resultant paint as a breakthrough product with enormous potentials.

Graphene paint in thin film is colourless and transparent under optical observation and has thus come in handy in plastic packaging to prolong the shelf life of packaged food. It will seal up the space in packaging plastic kits if coated in them. Graphene paint will shut out water and oxygen, thereby preserving food for longer periods.

Graphene Paint and its Uses The remarkable research effort at the University of Manchester shows that graphene Paint can also be used as a preservative. The resultant paint will be available for use as a coating on chemical containers in ships. This will be impermeable to gas, chemicals and liquid. It will make chemical containers in ship rust proof.

Graphene Paint Can Also Be Used

to impact other surfaces like conventional bricks and glass tops, metals, amongst others. When applied to these surfaces, the materials take on the rugged and tough content of graphite with its characteristics like thermal and chemical stability. They can become bendable without getting cracked, and they return to their original state even when stretched.

Presently, the capacity of graphene To hold tough and erect barriers to permeable spaces have attracted some companies that presently are collaborating with the University of Manchester to explore opportunities in electronics, medical and the nuclear Industry.

As more stakeholders show interest in this revolutionary material, mankind will hopefully be the biggest beneficiary.



Other Graphene Applications

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