Graphene Processor

Graphene As A Promising Material For Computing

From the time Graphene technology has been introduced, It has gained popularity as one of the most advanced materials with diverse applications. It can be used in mechanical and biological engineering applications. Car manufacturers are taking advantage of its weight and strength, Making it an excellent choice of materials to be combined with polymer composites.
It is also popular as a choice for energy storage and for solar cells. Nonetheless, Recently, It has also generated buzz because of the introduction of the Graphene processor, Which is expected to improve computing in more ways than one. IBM Taking Advantage of Graphene Among others, IBM is one company that has expressed its serious commitment to building a Graphene processor, Which is expected to redefine the future of computers.

By 2019, The company expects to develop a processor that is smaller and more significantly powerful than what is available in the market today. The goal is to build IBM Graphene transistors that measures only 7 nanometres but unrivalled in terms of the power it can provide to the computers of the future. As a demonstration of being serious in the pursuit of this component in a Graphene CPU, The company has invested $3 billion to provide the funding necessary for the development of the technology and in having it polished before finally being introduced in the market.

Graphene ProcessorGraphene Processor

The Incessant Quest Towards Developing Graphene

If you feel convinced to buy a Graphene processor because of its many attractive characteristics, You will like it even more once you learn that there are more technologies being discovered in order to make it more useful in computer processors.

For instance, Researchers are carefully studying the modification of the number of the electrons found in Graphene. Through the advanced use of an electrical signal, The processors can be modified electronically and without the need for physical alteration.

While It Is Believed That Silicone

Will continue to be the material of choice in the next five to ten years, Once such period has lapsed, People will look for better alternatives, Such as the IBM Graphene transistor or the transistors that will be developed by any other company using Graphene. However, The completely new architecture of this material requires more extensive studies to fully develop such, And hence; It may take time before a Graphene processor take a full blow.

Graphene CPU - IBM Graphene TransistorGraphene CPU - IBM Graphene Transistor

While The Idea Of A 1000 GHz Processor

Still remains to be bleak, A lot of people, Including tech experts, Believe that such will be a reality with the help of Graphene technology. It may still take some time before we are finally able to experience such innovation in computing, But it is definitely getting closer as many have expressed their interests in the Graphene processor, Such as in the case of IBM.

The growing demand for Graphene across different industries will help to increase its viability as a material of choice for the transistors of the future. Soon enough, This technology will be fully developed, And we can all enjoy Graphene processor speeds at a rate that was hard to imagine in the past.



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