Graphene Coatings

Graphene is a sheet of material that is ultra-thin and only one atom thick and thus will make an excellent coating for all sorts of things. You can just sit back and imagine how important such a coating could be and think of hundreds of great applications.
For instance our Online Think Tank thought of quite a few. This might possibly sometime in the future prove to be the greatest new innovation of 2007. Below are a few simple applications for such a coating as a sample:

Graphene Coatings Needed For Bus Wraps To Prevent Damage

Imagine our vehicles coated with something that would protect them and keep them from decay from the harmful UV light rays. One more very strong layer of coating such a coating set on in layers might be the answer to keep Bus Wrap Advertising from flaking or coming apart.

How about keeping your tennis shoes looking good and saving you from forfeiting another $125.00 for then next pair simply because they look old and ratty? Of course the graphene would be flexible being so thin and would have applications in all types of clothing, back-packs and jackets.

The First Indestructible Cell Phones Coming Soon

Let’s face it these cell-phones get used an awful lot, in fact there were 16 Billion Text Messages Sent in 3-Months alone by T-Mobile customers. At that rate these phones will be completely worn out within less than a year. We cannot keep filling up our dumps with so many electric gadgets that are junk now. Perhaps you might think of a few applications for graphene?



Other Graphene Applications

While the idea of a 1000 GHz Processor still remains to be bleak, a lot of people, Including tech experts, believe that such will be a reality with the help of Graphene technology.

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Graphene Frequency - Confirmation that graphene actually has the potential to revolutionize the future of wireless communications Tenfold.

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