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Graphene is a one-atom-thick super material with many unusual properties that scientists and manufacturers are excited about.

So what is Graphene?

Graphene is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms that have bonded in a hexagonal pattern. It is about 200 times stronger than  steel. It is nearly transparent and efficiently conducts electricity and heat.

Graphene is Carbon a very useful element that can be used to produce from soft graphite to hard diamonds, depending on the arrangement of the atoms. Because of Graphene’s honeycomb pattern, is the strongest material ever tested in the world.



Graphene Applications

Graphene Supercapacitor - make way for unbelievable new applications from electric cars to flexible conductive glass for our smartphones.

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Graphene UAV wrapping could and will stop any laser Attacks making it more efficient and Save Costs for Worldwide Militaries, Its Here.

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Have you ever heard about the material Graphene? How about NEW graphene weapons? Well, this is the most Strongest material found on earth.

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